The Night Waitress by Lynda Hull

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In the "Night Waitress  by Lynda Hull, the narrator has many concerns about her life that she expresses simply by describing her night at work and the people she encounters while there. She very clearly explores feelings about her appearance, her desires, and her loneliness among many other emotions. Often, poetry deals with supernatural beings or is focused around situations very different from that of real life. That is why in this poem, I think Lynda Hull seems to want to tell the reader that the narrator is an ordinary female in contemporary society with ordinary concerns. Through the narrator, I believe above all, Hull is trying to give the reader a character they can relate to and sympathize with, rather than just someone he or she can admire or pity.

The narrator's struggle with insecurities about her appearance is a very important element of the poem. Within the third line, the night waitress already expresses concerns about the way she looks. She writes that she tells herself that her face has "character, not beauty.  It is obvious from this line that her appearance has always been something that has troubled her, so much to the point that she has to reassure herself of the endearing nature of

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