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My Ideal University

            When starting the college search, every person has an idea of where they want to attend, what they want to study, and what they want there college experience to be like. Although the ideas vary from person to person, the basics are still the same. Teachers who are skilled in their subject, good food, and comfortable rooms are all a must. However after that it’s all up to the student to determine exactly what they’re looking for. My idea of an ideal university is a medium sized school with good food, nice rooms, knowledgeable teachers, and a strong music department.
             For me, an important thing to have in my school is a strong music department. A problem with most schools is having enough practice rooms to accommodate all of the students. In my ideal university there is enough practice rooms for any student to go to to practice at any time of the day. Also available is a state of the art recording facility available free to all students. Finally, all faculty members will be accomplished musicians so that the students will be able to get the best college experience possible.
             A very important aspect of any person’s ideal university is the quality of the teachers. In my ideal university all teachers will –obviously- know their subject well. The teaching style will be actual teaching instead of just lecturing. Also all classes will involve hands on learning as to provide the students with a better understanding of the subject matter. The teachers, when not teaching a class, will be available during the day for extra help. At night tutoring services will be available to the students. Also during a student’s senior year, they will be required to start an internship related to their major.
             Dormitories are a big fear for most students. “Will they be big enough to hold all of my stuff,” is a common thought that goes through most students’ heads.