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Looking for Colleges

            When looking for colleges, I selected ones that I fell will give me my ideal learning environment. I chose Northeastern University as a school to continue my education because it provides a sense of comfort. Located in the city where I spent all my life, I am in a familiar place. Having lived here so long, I still have a lot to experience in Boston. This is why I hope to stay in a city that is like home and still has some sense of excitement to it. This is not the only criterion for me choosing Northeastern University; there are also other qualities that is contains. The first of these qualities is having an enormous number of programs to choose from. I have already decided to major in computer science, but I am in doubt if this is the right choice. I want to experience a bit of everything to be absolutely sure about the path I chose to follow. I can chose from anything that interests me, from marketing to psychology. This can be accomplished only if the college that I attend has a wide range of studies. At Northeastern, I can take multiple majors in computer sciences, business, and architecture. Along with the Co-op program, I can be better prepared for the career I am about to enter. The second quality is having diversity among the student body. Being able to travel the around the world is a life long dream of mine. By attending a school with a diverse community will be the first steps to achieving this goal. I could also have a chance to study abroad, which would allow me to experience the entirety of a culture. This alone draws me to this school. Northeastern, having all the traits described above, is the school I feel suits me the best. .

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