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Personal Statement

            ?You want the job that you have to be something that you enjoy for the rest of your working life. Bobby, what do you want to do for the rest of your working life?? This was a question presented to me early in my sophomore year. I answered sarcastically to this question and said that I wanted to stay in school forever. Little did I know this could really be a possibility given my interest in psychology and my fulfillment being employed in a collegiate environment. .
             I enjoy college life and learning and am interested in the personal development of young adults. I like studying, conversing with faculty and other students, and participating in campus events. Upon the realization that I could stay in the academic world and obtain a career in such a community, I researched the many options available to me with this in mind. Through this research, I discovered that Higher Education was a perfect fit for what I was looking to do with the rest of my life. My fulfilling work as an office assistant for the Methods of Inquiry program of the Graduate School of Education confirms that. I believe that the university environment is a pleasant place in which to be employed. And so I decided to dedicate all of my time, from then on, to attaining a prestigious position in this field. In order to broaden my experience, I decided to take on other ventures. First, I became an active member in several clubs including NYPERG and the Undergraduate Sociology Club. Through these organizations, I gained valuable leadership and interpersonal skills while also helping out the community through various activities. Next, keeping in mind that research would be an important aspect of graduate school, I became involved in research labs in the university. This experience was a positive one, and my senior year I decided to run a research project of my own to become an honors student. Teaching was one thing that I haven't done yet and that I wanted to try, so I became a teaching assistant.

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