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             An allusion is a reference to a person, place, or event. It is to be familiar to the reader. It is a strategy that brings relationship between a previous story and the story that is being told. Allusions give the writer of a piece of literature power and flexibility.
             There are four types of allusion that are used more often
             This type of allusion that is used in pieces of literature is a reference involving the use of different types of myths. A myth is a traditional tale or story.
             Biblical allusions make a reference in a piece of literature involving the use of the bible, passages or names of individuals in the bible. This is done in order to enhance the effect of plot and characters in a story. This gives an overall deeper level of meaning to what is being said.
             Historical allusions make a reference to a historical event that has taken place.
             Allusions in literature are very important in that they allow the reader to refer a piece of writing to something that has happened. This gives the reader a better understanding of what they author is trying to express.
             Literary allusions are allusions that make reference to another piece of literature.

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