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Some parenting styles are more successful than others in encouraging the child to develop independence and self-control. Those that are most responsive to the child, with much more communication, appear to do best. Parenting styles are influenced by cultural and society standards, the parents' economic position, childhood, and character, and the characteristics of the child.

There are three basic styles of parenting: authoritarian, permissive, and authoritative. An authoritarian's standards for good behavior are high, misconduct is firmly punished, and parent-child communication is low. They are not to be questioned by their children. If a child was to misbehave they would be punished strictly, usually physically, though they do not necessarily physically abuse their children.

Permissive parent's hardly ever punish, guide, or control their children but are nurturing and communicate well with their children. They make few demands on their children and do not show impatience with them. There is not much need for discipline because they do not ask for maturity. They want to help their children but do not feel re

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