Women Can Do Anything

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Men are not as good as they think they are. We are going to fight for what we want no matter what or how long it takes. Women should have just as much say as men, sometimes women know more about what is going on then men did. Women have always been thought of as lower than men and that is not right, we are equally as good as they are in just about all situations. Woman suffrage is the first step toward political equality. Traditionally women were to stay at home, clean, work around the farm and raise the kids. During the late 19th century and industrial revolution this started to change. Male domination prevented women from leaving the home, but in the early 19th century educational opportunities began to expand for women (www.cyberlearning-world.com).

During the Civil War women temporarily stopped fighting for suffrage. They helped the black slaves get freedom. When amendment fifteen freed the slaves that pushed the women harder and farther down the suffrage trail. Even though it took three amendments and 90 years of hard fighting to get the 19th amendment, they finally reached their goal. It took women a long time to reach their goal because men have always been power Men considered women to be

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