Enjoy the Winter

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In most people's mind's eye, winter in Beijing is harsh, bleak and chilly. The drowsy season would confine them in the stuffy room and make them too idle to move any more. I dare say it is because they have neither seen this wonderful season attentively nor learnt to enjoy it yet. Actually, if you experience winter with rapt attention, you will find that it has a vast reservoir of charm beyond your imagination.

The best way to know winter, such an icy and reserved person it usually seems like, is to go outside of your warm house and walk towards him as closely as possible. That is why I revel in rambling alone in winter whenever I am free. Away from the crowds of people, the noises of traffic and the stinging light of neon lamps, I sometimes saunter along a peaceful lane as the dark heavenly curtain is rolling down. The lane is paved with thick yellow carpet that is made of thousands of withered leaves. Treading lightly on it, I enjoy the cracks sounding continually under my feet, as if they are conversing with me fondly. Two rows of birch trees stand along the roadsides, stretching their naked branches so high as to poke holes in the sapphire blue sky. I know, on those old branches are recorded peop

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