A Friend of Mine

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Every time when I hear people describe someone as warmhearted or accommodating, I will think of one of my college classmates, Wang H. He is probably the most warmhearted person I have ever seen, and everyone who knows him shares the same opinion. Because of this, he became a good friend of all the people around him.

I still remember the first day I entered the university when Wang and I knew each other. On that day, after a long-distance travel and complicated register procedures, I finally got to the dormitory with my outfit and felt almost exhausted. And there I was told that my room was in the sixth floor! I felt a little dizzy. Just at that time a person by me said, ¡ °Let me help you. ¡ ± and before I said ¡ °Thank you ¡ ±, he had carried two pieces of my luggage, the heaviest two. Actually the man was very thin. I followed him, thinking that maybe he was a volunteer from the students ¡ ¯ union. When we reached my room, we talked for a while and not unti

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