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A Friend of Mine

            Every time when I hear people describe someone as warmhearted or accommodating, I will think of one of my college classmates, Wang H. He is probably the most warmhearted person I have ever seen, and everyone who knows him shares the same opinion. Because of this, he became a good friend of all the people around him.
             I still remember the first day I entered the university when Wang and I knew each other. On that day, after a long-distance travel and complicated register procedures, I finally got to the dormitory with my outfit and felt almost exhausted. And there I was told that my room was in the sixth floor! I felt a little dizzy. Just at that time a person by me said, ¡°Let me help you.¡± and before I said ¡°Thank you¡±, he had carried two pieces of my luggage, the heaviest two. Actually the man was very thin. I followed him, thinking that maybe he was a volunteer from the students¡¯ union. When we reached my room, we talked for a while and not until then did I know he was my classmate and his name was Wang Haifeng. We didn¡¯t talk for long because he said he had to go downstairs to see whether there were any new comers. This was Wang H, who couldn¡¯t wait to help others the first day he entered the campus.
             As time went by, the deeper I knew him, the more I felt he was a friend worth trusting. However, sometimes he did things people couldn¡¯t ¡°understand¡±. Once, there was a movement of volunteer blood donation in the campus. As far as we had known, the allowance from the country should be about 300 yuan. However, our university just promised to give a sum of only 50 yuan and because of this, most of the students insisted that they would not donate their blood unless the principal explained why. Of course it was our deserved right. But to our surprise, the next day we saw Wang wear a new T-shirt with several red characters printed on it which read ¡°volunteer blood donation is glorious¡±.