Refugee crisis essay

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The refugee crisis is divisive and a global affect to every country, especially of major importance to Australia. It concerns the refugees that have arrived in Australia or another country illegally, or by boat. There are approximately 21 million refugees world wide, without anywhere to go. Countries will only accept small numbers of refugees or none at all. It is a complicated matter as involves the breech of border protection laws, the inhumane housing in detention centers, and the over debated issue of the "Tampa  crisis. Many might agree that Australia has treated them inhumanely and that they need to be, but there are those will not agree to that statement. It is disputed that those refugees arriving here are not welcomed and refused a visa because of their background. Many refugees come from Afghanistan, Angola, Burma, Burundi, Congo- Kinshasa, Eritrea, Iraq, the Palestinian territories, Somalia and Sudan. These countries mostly have a Muslim background with only a few numbers of Christians. Since the world has suffered the torment of terrorist attacks and other incidents, illegal entry into a country has become more difficult with increasing laws for unlawful refugees.

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