How Fashion Affects Us All

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Each one of us has followed fashion trends, created our own fashion, or rebelled against the trends. Through out the years we have experienced different trends that are still here today, and those that need not be remembered. We all have experienced clothes being picked out for us, clothes that we picked out for ourselves, and clothes that we need to wear that conforms to an occasion.

Fashion trends which were not acceptable to society are now a part of the mainstream fashion, for example: body piercing, tattoos, and leather jackets originated from the gay and fetish scene, and now its part of the teen scene. Trends come and go. Some trends last and others just disappear as fast as they were started. Fashion is an individual statement. Some fashion are suitable for some, and for others they're not.

Wearing jeans is comfortable, and yet you cant wear them everywhere. Things that you wear also depend on where you're going, who you're going to be with, and the environment in which you try to fit in. Most people don't want to be noticed for they ˜re clothing, and yet some want full attention to their attire because they are trying to make a statement and stand out.

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