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Three thousand miles and look at that, it's about time to get your oil changed in your vehicle. With all the choices available to a consumer as far as oil is concerned, it can get quite confusing. When it comes to getting your oil changed the options are very broad and an oil change is generally regarded as a necessary evil. In regards to our everyday lives, we depend on oil to keep our engines well lubricated to get us to work, to school, and to where ever it may be that you need to go.

Most consumers need their oil changed in their vehicle of choice, on average, every 3,000 miles depending on the manufactures recommendations. There is a side-note to that, which the automobile manual typically doesn't address, this oil change is required due to wear and tear on the actual fluid and without getting it changed it could cause serious damage to your engine. Over time, the oil starts to lose its properties from what it originally had, when it was poured into the engine. Engines need a constant film of oil to keep lubricated, stay cool, and remain reliable. Occasional oil changes are needed no matter what you drive yet the frequency is dependent on other factors as well. There are various

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