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Baseball is known to many around the world as "America's Pastime.  However, in the past year baseball has becoming known as an entirely different game. Baseball is rapidly becoming a game of politics and denial. In an article in Sports Illustrated columnist Tom Verducci inquired, "Is Baseball in an asterisk era?  The frightening thing is that the answer might be "yes.  If it is proven that some of the baseball players that have set records in the past few years have been using illegal performance enhancing drugs, it could cause chaos. This madness would not only apply to the record books but for top executives of baseball as well. Baseball is currently the only professional sport that lacks a drug testing and punishment policy, but after many questions, speculations, and recent confessions, who knows if it will change its guidelines?

In the history of major league there have been some great power hitters. Men like Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth hit loads of homeruns and helped their team win games with their hitting. But in comparison to hitters of today their numbers are being dwarfed. "In the 70 seasons between 1928 and 1997, Roger Marris was the only m

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