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             I was born in Hong Kong, a place that attracts millions of people to travel every year. Hong Kong is lying at the southeastern tip of China, adjoins the province of Guangdong. It is divided into three main areas: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territories. Besides the three main areas, there are more than 260 outlying islands; the total area is little bit more than 1100 square kilometers. Hong Kong is one of Asia's most important commercial and trade regions. It ranks as the world's third-largest financial center, second-largest container port and number-one exporter and manufacturer of textiles, clothing and toys.
             Part 2.
             With all the horrific experiences Ana had been through in her childhood, her beliefs of how to survive through her life was the key to her, and for that, she believes that she is a dark person. She sees the way she has been. She claimed that selfishness, ruthlessness and cruelty for surviving are the key to her way of life, and that had caused her cancer. She believed in it so hard that it has constrained the way of her thinking, as the quote Remen wrote, it truly dictates that ones' belief can actually control its behaviors and its thought. .
             Kwong 2 .
             At the end, Ana brought up the dream after eight months of revealing herself to Remen. For the first time Ana could see that there is still a soft and beautiful side of her that has been hidden away and trying to get out. With the therapy Ana has with Remen, the dream shows that she forgiven herself for what she has done in the past and that living now is more important than surviving.

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