Learning as Biological Brain Change

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This is a summary of the article, "Learning as Biological Brain Change , by Robert Leamnson. It describes dramatic developments in the activity of the brain through the biological process as it relates to learning and remembering. Leamnson raises the idea of new developments in brain research and learning that is rapidly advancing our conceptualization of the human brain (2). According to the author, the brain is powerfully shaped by genetics, development and experience that actively shape the nature of our memory, and culture in which we live (3).

Leamnson states, "brain and behavior research both suggest that things we remember are reconstructed in the brain at the instant of remembering, and then reconstructed again at each subsequent remembering  (1). Memory is an essential element of learning. Learning physically changes the brain. There is no one area of the brain that is solely responsible for memory. Leamnson suggests, that memories are well distributed throughout the structure of the brain. Areas of the brain vary dramatically in their flexibility and their capability to create long-term memories (6). Leamnson goes onto refer to another author's study about the wiring of the brain. Jo

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