Noah's Flood

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Everyone has heard the story of the flood. Especially if you grew up in the church and you went to Sunday school. Children would hear this story taught in their Sunday school classes in which God flooded the whole earth and the only one who survived was Noah and his family with a pair of every living animal on a big ship that we call the ark. As a child it is fun to let your imagination run wild with this story. Trying to imagine this huge boat could carry all the animals in the earth on it, Noah, and his family is quite fun and as a child your imagination can run wild. However, as one gets older it is harder to imagine such a feat. Was this really a true story? Why would God kill everyone in the entire earth but save Noah and his family? It seems the story that seemed so logical to a young child is highly un-logical to someone who is older and has had more time to think about such things.

The flood story happens at the very beginning of the Bible right after we have our account of creation with Adam and Eve. Anyone who has spent much time in biblical research or knows much about their Bible knows that the flood is near the beginning of time as far as biblical history is concerned. "The Lord saw how great man's

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