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Almost every Saturday morning, families move frantically all over the world, heading to their favorite mall or department store. Of course, shopping's still done everyday, but how many ways can it be done is the question. More than ever, traditional retailers are feel more threatened by the dot COM beast. Many issues include debating time, money, and availability between online and traditional shopping. Although shoppers today flood the malls as much as the Internet, the real question remains, will online shoppers divide and conquer, or will traditional shopping outlive a trend?

Ever stop and wonder whether one day shopping for a Louie Vuttion bag in pajamas, while taking care of a husband, three children, and a cat with an overactive bladder at home was possible? Well thanks to twenty first century technology, anything's virtually promising and shopping at home has become apart of everyday life as going to work or school. Differences between online vs. traditional shopping exists between time management. Online shopping has truly changed the lives of many and become tremendously convenient to thousands. With online shopping, almost all time busters and long shopping days can be executed by the click of a button, leavi

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