Learning a Simple Golf Swing for Best Results

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Learning a Simple Golf Swing for Best Results

Golf is a great relaxing activity that anyone can try. Most people say that it is perhaps the most difficult sport to play. I personally agree with that comment. There are the decisions like choosing a specific golf club for a specific shot. Judging distance is also hard to do. But the hardest part of the sport is mastering the swing. There are many different small things that must come together in order to achieve the maximum distance in ball flight, and the maximum accuracy.

The first step that you must take in order to prepare for a great swing is to dress comfortably. A short sleeve cotton polo shirt and some well fit slacks are a great combination. Being comfortable allows you to go through a full range of motion when you swing. Good shoes will also give you the firm grip on the ground that you need. The best shoe is the Nike soft spike. These have rubber spikes on the bottom as opposed to metal ones. Rubber is better because it allows you to pivot your ankle after you

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