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Classification Essay - Golfers in this World

             It all started back when I was 15 and needed to find a job. There was a golf course located just a mile from my house, so plans for money would be easy. The job consisted of simple things like washing carts, watering greens, picking up trash and weed eating. The people there were really laidback and weren't very uptight about things getting done on time. Over a period of time I started to notice distinguishing groups of the golfers who played there varying from the old men to stupid drunks to guys who thought they were the greatest at golf.
             The old men who we"ll call the "golf cart geezers" stand out the furthest in my mind. This group really doesn't cause problems, but more of a comic relief. That is one thing I am not looking forward to is getting older because I will probably pull some of the things these old timers have. They like to tee up on the wrong tee box, drive where ever they feel necessary and use ridiculous pick-up lines on the 16-year-old beverage cart girls. I don't know what I would do if an 80-year-old woman hit on me. .
             The course "drunk drivers" always manage to leave their mark somewhere were we can find it. If a sign is broken over or a golf cart is totaled we usually know who is responsible. These guys cause the majority of the problems around a course. I don't even know why these guys waste their money on green fees. These "drunk drivers" are bad at golf sober and with the help of a few brews makes it ten times worse. .
             "Tiger-wannabes" think they are the best golfers in the country. They don't cause problems or comic relief, but everyone hates them. They think they know everything there is to know about golf. I always try to be as nice as I can to the pretty boys to earn their respect. In the end, they gripe about something stupid and I really have no time to waste with them. They always have their panties in a bunch and think they"re the next Tiger Woods.

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