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A Fable

             There was once was a thief named Jasper, who survived mainly off what he could steal from other people. He had no job and would go up and down the streets looking for people to pick pocket. He had two different ways he would steal from people. The first one was he would sneak up from behind real slow grab whatever he could and run like the wind. The other way he would steal from people was he would bump into to people slide his hand in their pockets and take something out without them ever noticing and keep on walking away calmly as possible. His life was all about to change though on one fateful day when he decided to steal from the wrong person. .
             Jasper was walking along when he saw a vulnerable old man limping along carrying a ripe, fresh piece of bed. He thought to himself about how easy of a steal it would be and he could almost taste that bread in his mouth. So he did what he always did and ran up, swiped the bread and ran like the wind. The man began yelling at him like most people do after he steals from them, except this old man seemed to be yelling a curse. So Jasper went on with his life, ate his bread and got ready to steal again the next day. He saw his next victim and swooped in to steal this lady’s purse but as soon as he did he was transported to a far away forest.
             Shocked by what had happened, he had remembered the old man that had yelled a curse at him after he had stole that bread from him. He figured that’s why he had been sent here. From there his mind immediately turned to his growling stomach. He went to over to a near by apple tree and plucked off a delicious apple. As soon as he grabbed it though a fox jumped up and grabbed it from his hand. He continued to grab apples and get it stolen every time he did. So he left to find something else to eat and came up to a cherry bush. He gathered up a whole bunch of cherries and set them down on near by tree stump but as soon as he did a whole swarm of ants came upon the cherries and ate them all.