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The Power of Women

             Despite the odds, women can overcome all obstacles. In the past, women have desperately struggled because men belittled them. They were thought of as ignorant beings that only knew how to manage housework. In The Color Purple, by Alice Walker, several women were extremely mistreated by men. Their experiences were considered trivial because they were considered to be inferior. Through the collection of letters that Celie wrote, the reader could see the development of a frightened young woman who had little regard for herself and of another, Shug, who struggled to become a successful woman. .
             In fact, Celie struggled nearly struggled her entire life for happiness. When she was only a little girl, her stepfather sexually abused her. He then sold her to a man named Mr. ____ who had no intention of loving her. Mr. ____ verbally and physically abused her. He expected her to manage all of the housework and demanded that she care for his children. If Celie refused, she was punished. Through all of these traumatizing events, Celie lost respect for herself and forgot how to love. Her life was full of darkness without a single trace of light. However, Celie met a woman named Shug Avery who gave her the courage to fight for what she believed in. Shug taught her how to laugh and play and showed Celie a whole new perspective of life. Shug constantly reminded Celie to speak out if anything bothered her and to not do something that she was not comfortable with. Celie was no longer afraid of Mr. ____. She stopped doing the housework and left to start a business of her own. She realized that women do not need men to survive, that they are able to manage on their own. Celie was a new woman. .
             Moreover, Shug Avery was a successful and powerful woman. She was a desirable blues singer who was creative and smart. However, her strong figure often deceived the reader’s mind into assuming that she was always an efficient person.