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My Background

            In general, I would say I am a healthy person. Growing up I was into recreational activities such as baseball, football, basketball, and track. In high school I had a gym class where we would go to the weight room every other day and I would lift with the baseball team. Being that I am in college now I think I have worked out more than ever, because I am still playing baseball and it’s something I wanna do for a living. I joined a gym since I been here, and also work out with the team when I’m not to busy doing schoolwork. I try to eat healthy but it’s kind of hard to being that there is only fast food places around campus, but I think I can do better on eating more healthy. I usually play basketball when I have time just to keep the cardio up to date.
             I really don’t know to much about my family history, because I don’t associate with them due to other reasons. I’ve had family members die of heart attacks, old age, and AIDS from drugs. This is something I would rather not talk about, sorry Ron. Well, I know that I get my athleticism from my dad. He used to play baseball, basketball, and run track. He got hurt playing basketball which ended everything for him. His best sport was baseball, which is mine, and it all ended. I wanna stay in shape so I can reduce myself from getting hurt like he did. I usually go by the workout that the baseball team does and all the flexibility stretching they do.
             Nutrition is important to me because it helps to eat right and keep you in check with your body. I eat and eat but never gain the weight I want to, but I don’t eat the right food in order to gain that weight. Eating right is good for the body. Along with that, I personally don’t drink the amount of water I should be drinking only because it doesn’t quench my thirst. I know that is important to keep the body hydrated, and water is the best thing to drink.