My Background

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In general, I would say I am a healthy person. Growing up I was into recreational activities such as baseball, football, basketball, and track. In high school I had a gym class where we would go to the weight room every other day and I would lift with the baseball team. Being that I am in college now I think I have worked out more than ever, because I am still playing baseball and it's something I wanna do for a living. I joined a gym since I been here, and also work out with the team when I'm not to busy doing schoolwork. I try to eat healthy but it's kind of hard to being that there is only fast food places around campus, but I think I can do better on eating more healthy. I usually play basketball when I have time just to keep the cardio up to date.

I really don't know to much about my family history, because I don't associate with them due to other reasons. IĆ¢

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