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Nuclear war was brought about through the invention of the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb was first thought of in 1939. The Manhattan Project was devoted to researching and constructing the bomb (Serendipity: Manhattan Project para.1). Six years and 2 billion dollars later the Manhattan Project produced the first atomic bomb in history (Serendipity: Manhattan Project para.5). The bomb was tested in northern New Mexico on July 16th, 1945. The creators of the bomb watched the first detonation. One creator quoted from the Bhavad Gita saying, " I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.  The testing of the bomb in New Mexico was the first detonation, however it was not the last (Serendipity: Manhattan Project para.10). The atomic bomb was again set off in Hiroshima on August 4th, 1945. This time the bomb was used in warfare (Serendipity: Detonation para.1). Two aspects of these bombings were the injuries to the people caused by the bomb and the long-term effect the bombing had on the culture.

There were three main kinds of injuries caused by the bombing: burns, mechanical, and radiation. The burns were due to the flash radiation of heat. The mechanical injuries were caused by debris in the air thrown by falling buildings, etc.

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