Political Science and Law

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What is Political Science? In what way is political science related to politics. Can a career in politics be acquired with a political science degree? What careers are available? Many students who are majoring in political science have some of the same questions about their major as I do. Because I am interested in both law and politics I am still not very clear about all the career options associated with this degree. Political science majors have a wide variety of careers that they can choose from. In this research paper I will discuss my findings on what those careers are, and the relationship between political science and law.

Political science is the study of government and public policy and of the political behavior of individuals and groups. Political Science examines the need for government, its various forms, and how it can be controlled. It also examines the way governments relate to each other, both inside the United States and around the world. Political science majors use both humanistic and scientific perspectives to study public policy, political institutions, political theory, and international relations. Writing, research, and analytical skills are emphasized in this field of study. These skills are critical for empl

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