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The Importance of a College Degree

            Today, schools are increasing in number worldwide. This is particularly true in the United States, where there is an emphasis on increasing the quality of education. In many countries, the largest part of the budget goes the administration of primary and secondary schools, with higher education being the most privileged. For example. Universities will remain open, even during crisis or government shut down. This illustrates the importance that is placed on education in society, and how increasing intelligence will more effectively expand knowledge of technology, science, and business in todays youth. The world needs more skilled scientists, entrepreneurs, and teachers who can more successfully encourage global development and economic growth. By furthering education, development in any country also benefits. There is a high level of importance placed on higher education because it is considered the ideal place to obtain and correctly develop any skill. In comparison to those without a college degree, an individual with a college diploma will have more opportunity for advancement in the work place. Therefore, it is much easier for that degree holder to be hired for a job because of that potential and exposure to higher education. Universities allow people to succeed in life and have a higher quality of living than they would have otherwise, and knowledge acquired in colleges and universities is essential to society as a key factor of global economic development and allows all segments of society to improve. .
             It is true that college is not the only path to success in life, which can be illustrated by the case of Bill Gate, the founder of Microsoft Corporation who at first dropped out of college. Furthermore, attending college still costs a lot of money to certain people despite all financial aid and scholarship in place; the average cost each student will pay per semester can equal up to two to three thousand dollars, not including the ultimate cost of obtaining a degree.

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