Abortions In China

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In china there are many abortions that women are forced to do without their free will. Forced abortions, sterilization and the killing of innocent infants is cruel and unnecessary. The government should find another way of dealing with china's immense population. Even though they need to control the amount of people it shouldn't be forced upon women to make the decision without proper planning. This is a serious issue that not only jeopardizes the child's life but also his or her mothers. I also think that Chinas laws are too strict for people to abide by.

A forced abortion such as the One Child Policy in china has a negative impact on many people. There has been a large increase on the number of deaths in the female infants that have been caused by their own parents. It is also uncommon for women in china to become pregnant with a second child, but if the woman continues with her pregnancy then it is not likely for that child to live due to Chinas strict laws. For example if the Chinese authorities get informed that a woman is pregnant with her second child, they have the right to drag her out of her house or if she's not home they take her husband or family member into custody until they have turned them

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