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            The most important part of reproductive rights is the principle that a woman has the right to decide whether and when to have a child. Religious beliefs, politics, incident of pregnancy, support, economy, long term consequences, such as regrets and depression, being able to take responsibility, and health issues are major factors that must be taken in consideration before resulting to abortion. To eat, survive and reproduce are primary needs for every human being. Modern society is for several reasons a non-child-friendly society. In many cases there is no time for the parent(s) to take care of the new born child as in countries such as the U.K. and the USA, parent(s) do not have sickleave to stay home with their newborn. .
             Governments are bound to respect this basic human right by ensuring that women have access to the full range of quality reproductive health services, including abortion. 62% of the world's people live in the 64 countries where induced abortion is permitted for a wide range of reasons or without restriction as to the reason. For the remaining 38% of the world's population, abortion may be prohibited altogether or permitted only to protect a woman's life or health. Though throughout the last 20 years there has been seen a clear trend toward the removal of legal barriers to abortion access, the right to choose abortion still remains unavailable or under threat in many parts of the world. .
             In 1955, the anthropologist George Devereux demonstrated that abortion has been practised in almost all human communities from the earliest times. Women faced with unwanted pregnancies have turned to abortion, regardless of religious or legal sanction and often at considerable risk. Even Hippocrates, the famous philosopher, spoke against abortion because he feared injury to the woman, recommended it on occasion by prescribing violent exercises. 1.
             In primitive tribal societies, abortions were induced by using poisonous herbs, sharp sticks, or by sheer pressure on the abdomen until vaginal bleeding occured.

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