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The Most Important Decision in My Life

            The Most Important Decision in My Life.
             Finding a carrier might be one of the most important decisions I will have to make in life. I mean, this decision will affect the rest of my life as well as the lives of my future family, so it is really something I should analyze before taking the decision.
             At this point in my life, I think I should already have all this figured out, I mean, I am only one semester from getting into college, so I should already be completely sure about it, but I am not, and this is why it has become my most important short term goal.
             First of all I am planning to research in the internet for carriers that are inside the areas I am interested in, and once I have it all narrowed down to 2 or 3 carriers, I am going to do a little more research, but this time with people who studied and are actually working in one of the areas I am interested in.
             Then I am going to analyze the carriers by trying to see my future, and I do not mean this in a “fortune telling” kind of way, I mean it in the way that I am going to try to visualize what I imagine myself doing for the rest of my life and by this I intend to finally be sure which carrier best fits me.
             At this moment it just has not hit me, I just can not imagine myself taking this decision in the next couple of months. This is something I am really going to have to put some time into, but hope that in the end of this exhaustive search for the right carrier I will end up choosing the correct one for me. .