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Julius Caesar and Rome's Most Important Decision

            Honesty, bravery, and loyalty are components that a good striving leader should possess. In William Shakespeare play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, soon to be emperor Julius Caesar is murdered by the Conspiracy and Rome is left powerless and out of control. Four armies meet at Philippi and they are not only fighting for their lives, but also to see who will become the next ruler for Rome. Antony, Brutus, and Cassius all possess positive and negative characteristics, but Brutus would be the best ruler for Rome because he is very intelligent & determined and that is the leader Rome needs.
             To begin with, Cassius may seem like a potential ruler for Rome he is very intelligent, but is meaningless when most of the time he acts cowardly and corrupt. Cassius is quite intelligent and you find this part of him when he has the discussion with Brutus. When Cassius and Brutus decide what their plan for the battle is, Cassius wisely expresses that "Tis better that the enemy seek us" (IV.iii.198). As they decide to go to Philippi, Brutus and Cassius die in battle and are not victorious. Cassius knew that if they would have stayed at camp and the enemy came to them they would have been tired and took advantage. So, it shows that Cassius is very intelligent. However, when Titinius gets ta'en, Cassius admits he is a coward and says "O, coward that I am, to live so long" (V.iii.34). After Cassius says that, he gives his sword to his slave Pindarus, and orders him to thrust the sword through him. Cassius dies in a cowardly way. Also, Cassius is corrupt, he takes in bribes and uses the money for himself. He and Brutus get in an argument because Brutus is loyal and honest, so this type of action that was done by Cassius was unacceptable to Brutus. Brutus expects more from Cassius, he expects him to be loyal and honorable, but instead Cassius is corrupt and greedy.
             Furthermore, Antony is another candidate to be ruler of Rome, he is a very loving person, but over shadows his loving side with his backstabbing and cowardly ways.

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