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Julius Caesar

            Tragedy lies not only in death but in the ways in which it could be avoided.
             To what extent was Julius Caesar responsible for his end?.
             William Shakespeare has written many tragic plays, one amongst them being Julius Caesar. In most of Shakespeare's tragic plays, the hero has one main weakness, which is exploited by his rival: and finally leads to his death. Julius Caesar, the emperor of Rome, according to me, was only partially responsible for his death. Caesar portrays an ageing man, prone to epilepsy, deaf in one ear, superstitious, traditional, and susceptible to flattery-which ultimately causes his end. He is immensely proud and egoistic. .
             One single man- Cassius was the cause of Caesar's assassination. Though Marcus Brutus led the conspiracy against Caesar, Cassius formed its backbone and was the one who carefully planned it to perfection. He was perspicacious and was easily able to identify Caesar's weaknesses. .
             The major fault of Caesar lies not alone in his personality but also in his inability to identify his enemies and take corrective action. There were numerous warnings and indications to Caesar throughout the play, which if heeded by Caesar, could have changed his terrible fate.
             ACT I.
             In the opening scene of the play itself, it is clearly noticeable that the loyalties towards Caesar are divided - the plebeians are fickle minded and support Caesar, whereas two Tribunes, Marullus and Flavius try to curb Caesar's ambitions and his growing popularity. The administration was cracking from within. .
             "These growing feathers plucked from Caesar's wing.
             Will make him fly an ordinary pitch,.
             Who else would soar above the view of men .
             And keep us all in servile fearfulness-.
             These lines said by Flavius, indicate that the reason for anger and resentment against Caesar, was out of fear of his growing power, his arrogance and his dictatorship.
             Being image conscious is necessary for a ruler in order to maintain the peoples trust, but unfortunately for Caesar, Cassius exploited this quality of his to the fullest extent.

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