Classroom routines and praise

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Cohen and Manion [1981] states that "Rituals and routines are invaluable to the teacher for, in imposing a structure on the life of the school, they offer him a basis for establishing control, thereby prolonging his survival chances day by day, year by year.  [Page 122]

To be able to "survive  in a class is obviously one of the most important achievements for a teacher. A routine needs to be established which the teacher and children feel comfortable with, and of which the teacher knows will give the correct outcome in academic and non academic time. To do this is half the battle fought. Routines play an important role in everyday life, in and out of the classroom, and in and out of the school.

2. To introduce or re-enforce a rule.

If the teacher sets up a routine they are able to say how they want something to happen. They are able to control how something happens. For example the children leaving the classroom, this could be an uncontrolled stampede or a single file line quietly and calmly out the door. Establishing a routine on how to do something, pupil

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