Virtual world

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ISSUE: "Should We Live in the Real World or a Virtual One? 

The article is all about the thin line that now lies in between the real world and the virtual one. As the title of the article speaks for itself, it is letting the reader choose between the two - living in real world or the virtual one. The technology, nowadays, is becoming more and more sophisticated and powerful, making it a big part of our daily lives, gulping down the traditional way of living that we got used to. The fact that in this present time, our world is already generated by high fuss of modern breakthroughs is something we cannot withstand. We are already starting to live in a virtual world somehow. With this, the issue tingles, as to whether we are ready for this big event ”the virtual world.

Basically, what is a virtual world? The word virtual began to denote ˜created by computer networks, related to computers, the Internet'. A long line of new words has been coined to define new things and phenomena of the virtual world just to oppose the real reality (virtual environment, virtual game, virtual workspace, virtual office, virtual parent, virtual doctor ,virtual cash, etc.).'Cyber', 'virtual

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