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Who Am I

             An introduction into who I am as a individual with emotions and feelings is a hard one to make. My life is full of meaningful relationships and memories. What I choose to write about today is my aspects of life as a daughter, wife and mother.
             First, life as a daughter was a very challenging but rewarding one. As a child I did not realize the many lessons I was learning day to day,or how much I would carry them on through out life. I grew up as an only child with only my mother until I was six years old. My mother and father were divoriced by the time I was six moths of age. My mother worked alot so i spent many days at a daycare, however, the best memories of my childhood are with my mother. She always took the time to let me know that I was the most important part of her life. When i was sick, she would take off work to spend her day pampering me back to health. She married my stepfather when I was six. The thing that inspired me was the fact that she asked me if i would be ok with him being a part of our lives. I accepted with easy. As he also had a daughter that was six years old . She was my new playmate, after years of playing alone. I was thrilled. She would turn out to be my best friend.
             Next, the step in my life was quickly after highschool. At the age of nineteen I found myself pregnant. I was scared to death. I turned to my mother once agian for advice. She assured me that I would be ok. I married almost as fast as I got pregnant. The marraige, however, was a foolish step because whan the baby came it did not last much longer afterwards. There I was alone and with a child that relied on me for everything. Things were tough that first two years, but the child brought so much joy that anything seemed bearable.
             Finally, I met someone who I fell in love with. His name is Tracy. He is seven years older than I am, but we are in tune to each other emotionally. He showed me that love is something so beautiful, I was lucky to have met him.