My Three Personal Goals for College

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I have three main goals I wish to achieve in the next couple of years as a University of Phoenix student. My first goal is to finish my degree in Business Administration/Major in Management, my next goal is to improve my writing skills and my last goal is to excel in class. I will explain the reason why I chose this particular set of goals and how am I planning to achieve them.

My first goal is to finish a degree because I always wanted to get a college degree but never actually managed to finish what I started. This is the third college I go to and this time I am going to do everything in my power to finish my education with University Of Phoenix.

I was satisfied with the way my career was going and too comfortable with my current rank and responsibilities. In the service, I am the equivalent of an office supervisor. My pay is all right but not good enough to retire comfortable with. I never put too much thought about my future and only worried about doing my job and keeping my Commanding Officer and customers happy. It wasn't until two friends of mine retired that made me realized the valu

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