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Personal Goals

            My personal goals as a UOP student are diverse and cover the entire spectrum of my life. As I have previously stated I have been an on and off again student, over the last 20 years. A lot of excuses come to mind when I reflect back on the reasoning for the "lack" of continuity in my academic pursuits, and I believe that you will find common ground in many of them.
             Family- As the bread winner in my home and with three children (All Boys), it was an on going effort to keep the light on at the home front, keep a career and attempt to go to college at the same time. One of the balls always got dropped.
             Career- I have been successful in my career, in both marketing and operations. My positions have been in mid to upper management and I was always hustling to get to the next level.
             Juggling and moving frequently, in my ongoing chase of the brass ring, resulted in a lack of stability in both my personal, academic career and business career.
             I found that due to a lack of a college degree, I had to work harder, faster and most time longer than the next guy does, in order to continue to move forward. My goals are to at last put that this demon to sleep.
             Complete my degree, primarily for ME! I need to excirsice that inter-voice that we all hear that says " to much, to long, why, what's the use". I need to finish my degree to pass on to my son's the will not to quit. If you start something, finish it, even if it hurts. As a firm believer in exercise, I believe in physical fitness. I believe working toward my degree will be my on going effort to shape up a muscle (my brain) that has looked for the easy way out over the years. Any thing that required an extra effort or did not come to me in a flash was to be avoided as un-necessary or un-useful when in reality, I did not want to flex the brain matter (IT HURT!).
             My goals with U.O.P. are multi-faceted reflect what I believe to be my biggest weaknesses.

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