Being a good person

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How to be a good person? This may seem like a simple question, yet it may be a complicated one, too. Generally, there are two sides to every coin. For example, without evil, there can be no good. In order to answer the question, one must ask which factors facilitate doing good things and which ones facilitate doing evil things?

In my opinion, there are many key factors which facilitate good and evil acts: patterns of childhood, societal pressure where one lives in such as: family, school, peers or friends. Family is the most important factor influencing human behavior and attitude awareness because people spend most of their times with their families at home. Second, schools take the next role in influencing and building people's behavior. Schools enhance the learned behaviors given at home from the family. Thus, in school, teachers become secondary parents. Third, friends or peers influence opinions, attitudes and behaviors.

I have read many stories about good people. One story is about Jesse Figuerido, a maintenance mechanic at Edgerton House who wins the James N. Murphy Award. He receives this award because of his kindness to all of the people around him. He is known as a nice and a good pers

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