Multiple Sclerosis

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Many people, about 2.5 million individuals, around the world today

disease called Multiple Sclerosis. In autoimmune diseases, the body attacks

its own tissue. Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive disease of the Central

Nervous System, for which there is no cure. Your central nervous system

consists of three main parts, the spinal cord, brain, and the optical nerves. A

substance rich in protein and lipids known as Myelin surrounds and protects

the nerve firbers of the CNS (central nevous system). This substance aids in

the ability for nerve fibers to conduct electrical impulses. In this disease,

Myelin is lost in many areas leaving scars (sclerosis) known as plaques or

lesions hence the name Multiple Sclerosis. The various symptoms of MS are

produced from the damaging and or destruction of Myelin around the nerve

fiber which prohibits the ability of the nerves to conduct electrical impulses

to and from the brain. Therfore, in the case of an autoimmune desease like

Multiple Sclerosis, the tissue being attacked is Myelin.

Any person of any gender at any age can develope Multiple Sclerosis.

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