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Multiple Sclerosis

             Many people, about 2.5 million individuals, around the world today
             disease called Multiple Sclerosis. In autoimmune diseases, the body attacks
             its own tissue. Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive disease of the Central
             Nervous System, for which there is no cure. Your central nervous system
             consists of three main parts, the spinal cord, brain, and the optical nerves. A
             substance rich in protein and lipids known as Myelin surrounds and protects
             the nerve firbers of the CNS (central nevous system). This substance aids in
             the ability for nerve fibers to conduct electrical impulses. In this disease,
             Myelin is lost in many areas leaving scars (sclerosis) known as plaques or
             lesions hence the name Multiple Sclerosis. The various symptoms of MS are
             produced from the damaging and or destruction of Myelin around the nerve
             fiber which prohibits the ability of the nerves to conduct electrical impulses
             to and from the brain. Therfore, in the case of an autoimmune desease like
             Multiple Sclerosis, the tissue being attacked is Myelin.
             Any person of any gender at any age can develope Multiple Sclerosis.
             Although, there has been some patterns which can suggest like wise. On
             average, most people with MS are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50
             and two-three times as many women to men have MS. Multiple Sclerosis is
             not a direct inherited disease however, Studies have indicate that genetic
             factors make certain individuals more susceptible than others. MS also
             occurs with much less frequency in lower latitudes closer to the equator,
             than in higher latitudes, further away from the equator. There also may be
             environmental factors that increase or decrease an individual's risk of
             developing MS. One possible factor being studyed is the increased sunlight
             exposure to people around the equator which results in the increase in the
             body's producti

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