How music affects peoples emotions

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Is music really influencing people's emotions and their out look on life? Some would say that it doesn't, some others would say that they don't know but what I am going to tell you in this paper is going to prove to you that it affects peoples thoughts their brain patterns and their emotions. It will also explain why some people act the way they do. This will show how music really does affect people's emotions.

Yesterday, John, a thirty-five year old male, a partner in a small firm in Portland, Oregon he came home form work with a migraine headache. After taking about four aspirins and popping in one of his favorite cd's, and laying down on his futon for about twenty minutes, John finds that he is now ready to mown his lawn and take out the garbage and fix himself a well rounded meal. Now most people would attribute John's renewed energy to the fact that he took some aspirin and simply rested a while. That, however, is just a small part of why John feels like he can do a far amount of work. The reason why John feels better is because he simply listened to some energetic music. Now it might seem like music is getting to much credit for his burst of energy, however, it

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