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             It surrounds me and becomes a part of my life. It's primitive in origin but can still be as complex as a symphony orchestra. T.V. shows, commercials, movies, radio, and even shopping at your favorite store. Music is there. In fact, we hear it so much that appreciation for music is dying. I love music. I study music. I live a musical life. Music is all around me and envelopes me all day and everyday. This is my life. I can only imagine how many other people might've written their personal statements about music. But this is me. I'm both an admirer of musicians and a musician myself. Real artists who compose and perform music receive so much respect from me. When I have a bad day, nothing beats jammin' on the guitar or thumping on the bass. I can truly say that I just wouldn't be complete without music there to fill the gaps. .
             Like most people, I started out listening to "pop" music long ago. But as I really listened to the music and studied it more, I was drawn into rock music. I liked the fact that rock bands had people playing the instruments and wrote their own music. I got into guitar and bass myself because I saw the possibilities of all kinds of music that could be made with those instruments. Even though rock is my favorite style of music, I like to listen to all different kinds of music also. Rock, jazz, classical, rap, hip hop, and even some pop. In my mind, I don't like to categorize music as much as I used to. Music is all just set apart in my mind as works of art with different ways of expressing their own ideas. .
             Music can be so many different things to different people. It can be a tool used to sell a product. It can be a means by which someone is trying to get a message through. It can just be an expression of ones ideas and the overflow of emotion out of one's heart coming out as music. To me, it's everything and even more. It's something to be studied and examined to the very last detail.

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