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My advertisement, which was for selling shoes, appeared in the April 2003 addition of Maxim, which is a mans magazine. The image is representational because we can depict objects from the world of our personal experiences and the images which are being presented remind the viewer of actual objects. Deep space is used in the ad. It is a two-dimensional image that is using illusionistic conventions to create the impression of a three-dimensional space. The lines used in the ad are geometric; the sides of the buildings, the wall, and the road all are measured and precise lines. The shapes in the ad are both geometric and rectilinear because the borders and edges of objects in the ad are straight and often are precisely defined by geometry. The edges are hard; the boundaries of the ad are clearly defined by abrupt changes in color. The ad is mostly low intensity as the buildings, road, and wall are all dark colors, grays, and browns. There is however some red from the shoe which adds some high intensity color to the ad.

The main focal point to the ad is the big red shoe on the right foot of the man climbing the wall. Attention is first drawn to this because the high intense color is so much more defined than

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