Punctuality(being on time)

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Punc-tu-al, adj. 1. Acting or arriving exactly at the time appointed; prompt. 2.Paid or ac-complished at or by the appointed time. 3.Precise; exact. As defined by The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. In United States Marine Corps terms, it is basically described as being at one's appointed place of duty at any given time. All in all, the word punc-

tual is one way to describe the concept of being on time. This idea of being on time does not just apply to the Marine Corps, but life in general. As do many, if not all of our Corps Values and Leadership Principles, which are instilled in us from the day we(Marines)set foot on those yellow footprints. And I can go back even farther than that. There's our parents and teachers of course.

As anybody who's gone to school or holds a job knows, punctuality is strictly enforced. Even in our personal lives, there's commitments and personal deadlines we have to meet. But for the purposes of this article, we'll concentrate on the importance of being on time as it pertains to the United States Marine Corps and in general, the armed forces of America.

Punctuality falls in with the individual actions performed by Marines, and is a

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