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Student Study - Being Late for Class

             In order to prepare the younger generations for a life of independence, we must equip them with sufficient knowledge and exemplary character, so that they can present themselves to the world with confidence. Our youth are place in schools so that they can learn all of the fundamentals that they will need in their respective fields, however it is a fact that the majority of what a child will learn in his/her young life will be learned outside of school. It is easy to teach someone how to retain information and write tests, but it is much more difficult to instill valuable traits of character in them. An issue that has always been prominent amongst youth, teenagers in particular, is their lack of punctuality. This comes as a result of parents giving them a bit more leeway in decision making. Being a high school student myself, I took notice to the fact that many students do not have a good grasp of time, and many students arrive late for class because they were occupied with something else, in this case eating lunch outside of school. .
             The goal of the "Eating Out for Lunch vs. Punctuality"" survey is to find out if there is a correlation between just that. High school students will soon be venturing off into post-secondary institutions and the workforce were being punctual could mean the difference between keeping your job or joining the pool of the unemployed, or worse. Prior to conducting the survey my hypothesis was that there was indeed a strong, negative correlation between eating outside of school for lunch and arriving on time for the 3rd period class. If this hypothesis was proved to be correct, this study would serve as a warning that measures must be taken in order to encourage students to eat lunch at school. The saying "All bad habits die hard " is in full effect here, and if we as a society wish to make our workers/employees better prepared and more efficient, it is important that we attack the problem at the roots, beginning with situations such as this.

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