Cloning: The Advantages Vs. The Disadvantages

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Cloning is just now on the brink of being researched in today's society. Scientists have successfully cloned sheep, pigs, as well as various other animals ( Though the biggest debate of our time is whether we should clone us, the humans. Many people say yes while the latter says no. Today's government tends to take the latter side on this issue. But do they realize the advantages that could come from this? Or do they just look at the disadvantages of cloning humans. I believe humans have evolved to the brink to where we need to bring our lives not to a stand still but to keep our lives going whether it is the physical us or not.

The advantages of cloning in today's time would definitely help out Americans as well as fellow countries on the process of maintaining life and keep everyone to a very, very old age. With the new advantages comes a change in medicine, where parts can be grown for a human such as but not limited to a heart, kidneys, liver, and intestines. With a breakthrough like this we would live richer lives knowing that modern medicine can help anyone with any condition they had previously thought was either impossible to repair or impossible to cure. With such r

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