The Role of Simon in the Lord of the Flies

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"He who would speak truth and proclaim it to mankind is bound to suffer. My sorrows have taught me to understand the sorrows of my fellow men ¦persecution ¦(has not) dimmed the vision within me.  (-VM-P-86, -"The Voice of the Master  by Kahlil Gibran in "The Parables of Gibran ).

Simon symbolizes the truth within a society in the novel ˜Lord of the Flies'. His character is used to show how society finds it easier to live with lies than to live with the truth. When the truth is revealed to a society, chaos erupts, followed by change and a slow recovery from the truth. This disruptive process labels truth as difficult. Society likes to avoid difficult situations; therefore, society pushes the truth away. Sometimes it is easier to just keep the truth a secret. Perhaps if we listened to our inner selves and the voices of reason, the truth would be more prevalent in our society and our world would be a better place.

Simon symbolizes the truth in the novel. He represents the truth of the beast on the island: that there was no external beast that lived on the island, only an internal beast that existed within all the boys. In Simon's interview with the Lord of the F

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