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Students and High School Stereotypes

            Students are classified under many different groups of people. We label each other by the way we dress, talk, who we hang out with, and many other things. A lot of people avoid others because they are different. We label each other as freaks and geeks, snobs and jocks, and the floaters. People think that as teenagers get older and become adults in college that things would change and school would not be as cliquey, but as I have come to find out they do not. Things stay the same as they were in high school and people do not stop judging people by their appearance.
             The freaks and geeks are one type of group. They mostly stay together. The freaks dye their hair bright colors such as orange, red, green, etc. They dress differently than other students. They wear clothes that you do not see in the mall. They shop at Salvation Army and stores like that. Most people think that they are just trying to stick out and make a statement. I think they try to stand out to such extremes because they know they will not fit in. They usually do well in school and try hard. They are not just in it for the social life, they are there to work. They never get along with the popular kids. Most fights you see in high school are between freaks and jocks because the jocks have the attitude that they are better and cannot except their differences. Another thing I have noticed among the freaks and geeks as that they do not attend school functions such as dances, fairs, and anything of that sort. I cannot tell you the reason for this but I believe it is because they feel they will not fit in. These students are really nice kids if you give them a chance and talk to them. You just need to look inside and not judge them by their appearance.
             The snobs and jocks are two groups that stay together. They are ?too cool? for everyone and everything. They do not associate with anyone but themselves. They walk around with their heads up high and with an attitude saying ?I?m the best? They only wear designer name clothing and shop at expensive stores.