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This is a Women's Weekly special on the epic life story of the controversial Vincent Freeman. Vincent Freeman was a mistake from the start of his life. He was conceived in the back seat of a car, which indicates that his parents weren't planning to have him. His parents also could choose whether they would make Vincent perfect, which was considered to be the natural way or let God decide his fate. They chose the wrong one so even before he was born life was not going to be good.

When he was born, the doctor came in and said "Vincent has a 90% chance of having a bad heart condition and that his life expectancy is about 32 years.

When his mother fell pregnant again, his parents decided to make the next baby perfect unlike Vincent. So when that baby was born it turned out with no problems and his father named him Anton. While Vincent and Anton were growing up Anton was becoming more and more distant from his older brother and improving his performance levels.

Vincent is in his youth was always humble and wanted to be treated the same as everyone else. An incident happened when Vincent wanted to become blood brothers with Anton by cutting themselves and sharing blood. Vincent did his

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