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Remants Book Report

            In the novel “Remnants – The Mayflower Project” by K. Applegate, Jobs who possesses three characteristics and is also the main character finds out that a meteor the size of Connecticut is headed for earth and his family is chosen to go on the spaceship called the Mayflower. On the Mayflower they will be put to hibernation so when they land on another planet that has suitable living conditions there may be survivors. Since no one except the eighty people that were chosen to go on this knows about it, it is very top secret until people around the world can see the meteor coming towards earth. That’s when millions of people riot against the mission and people start getting killed. Once they are in space Jobs and his friend Mo’ Steel have to fix the sails and they have to go outside of the space ship. .
             Jobs has three major qualities or characteristics about him, the fist is that he is very smart. Jobs is sort of a prodigy when it comes to science and computers. Seeing how he is only 14 years old he has a lot of the state of the art equipment that he has built his self. He likes to build fake viruses for computers just to see if he could make them. When the FBI comes and searches his computer they complement him on how well he has hid them and how he has such good security on his computer. Jobs is not very street smart or has a lot of common sense, he more of a book worm and is book smart.
             Another characteristic of Jobs is that he is concerned with everyone else’s feelings. In the middle of the story, when everyone is awaiting to board the Mayflower and felling sad, upset and distressful he says to himself that he wishes he could switch places with them just so he feel there pain and see how bad it is for them. He also tries to help those people by giving them advice saying that its going to be okay. .
             The third characteristic is that he is courageous.