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Discuss the theme of madness in the play. What does it mean to "go mad" and who

Madness plays a large role throughout this thorough play from Shakespeare, from

small notions that anger one another to killing each other, all associated to a

sole anger living within the characters. Majority of the main characters

throughout the play show small or large behaviors and qualities of anger.

Madness can be seen many different ways through different eyes. It can be seen

as someone who has lost their mind living in a world of their own and thinking

irresponsibly. Some people also view madness as an illness that has effected

someone's thinking and behaviors. You also may see it as foolishness or

stupidity; whichever way you do madness is viewed by many as insanity.

When someone ends up turning out to "go mad" one of the main factors of that

mental change of views is that someone is lost in emotions and in most cases

doesn't know what to do besides react without thinking, or minimal thinking. A

majority of people view someone as going mad if they have a reaction due to

someone's action against them. For example, you don't just get mad at a perfect

stranger walking down the street. Most have reason.

For others, insanity is seen as someone who has "gone mad." People who just

wake up one day and they have literally gone crazy. Or the slightest anger set

someone off and they have a continuous actions and reactions of madness and

hostility. Others may be overcome with emotions that they themselves cannot

handle and need to let out. Sometimes what may be considered madness can be an

Out of all the characters, Ophelia and Hamlet can mainly be portrayed as the

ones going mad throughout the story. Hamlet is obviously the main character who

has fulfilled the qualities and behaviors as someone who has gone mad in the

play. Hamlets first real action of madness

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