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Brian McKinney is a twenty-six-years-old resident of Cornelius, NC, formerly of Mount Airy, NC. He is a graduate from Western Carolina University where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Marketing. His current career is as an Auctioneer at many different automobile auctions across the state. Although Brian did not need his degree to become an Auctioneer, he let me know that it has helped his knowledge of sales which is needed to be successful in his profession. His hobbies also include his leisure time and his racing career.

Brian started his auctioning career right out of college. He is no stranger to auto auctions because his father is the owner of Boone Trail AutoHaus in Wilkesboro, where Brian would help at the auctions that supplied his father with cars. He attended and graduated from Auctioning school and was immediately hired by four different auctions in North Carolina. He works five days a week; Mondays at his father's office and a different auction each of the other four days.

The auctions are the busiest part out of Brian's schedule. It is an early morning job with not long hours, but definitely grueling work while on the job. His voice is his job with calling the cars as t

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