Artificial Intelligence

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The Question that I propose is: Can insect-like robots perform tasks superior to that of any other style of robot? I am going to prove to you that the answer is yes, of course they can! With their superior stability and many less drawbacks that larger wheeled robots the legged "insects  can out perform even the most powerfully computing machines in many tasks. The applications of these robots are only limited by our imagination.

Many people believe that artificial intelligence and robots should only be for "unthinking and repetitive tasks, or for dangerous but straightforward undertakings  (Economist 83). But as human understanding and intelligence of computer systems and technology progresses the idea of artificial intelligence becomes more of a reality instead of a vision.

Right now a computer can be a matchmaker, a chess champion, and a useful searcher of medical information. And many people and programs are changing that with their leaps and bounds by actually giving the machine senses like a database of knowledge and sight and sound in the forms of a camera and a microphone respectively.

In one case a robot can sense "hunger  by making a decision when it is running low on fuel to choose to

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